Frustrated With Your Slow Computer? Don't buy registry cleaner until you read our reviews

There are many registry cleaners on the market, but how do you know which one will offer the most features or really operate with ease? Which will be powerful and what is a good value for the money?

Our in depth reviews will help you make a better decision on this important investment in your home or office computer system. Compare these top 5 brands and look at the key features offered in each one. These five registry cleaners will deliver fast, effective results and better computer performance.

Editor Top’s Choice: SpeedyPC Pro (New 2016)

Our Rating -

5 Star 

Full Money Back Guarantee


Key Benefits of SpeedyPC Pro:

  • Everything Included in one package - fix window registry, remove maleware and protect your privacy and much more. 
  • Help opening unknown file extensions with File Manger tool.
  • Initial Scan is Clear and easy to find 
  • Thorough Scheduling options and Restore function  
  • Clean Up including removal of duplicate files and cache clearing 

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SpeedyPC Pro is the only program we reviewed that has advanced features to help you optimize your PC. It is not just a registry cleaner. It is an All-In-One PC Performance Software that will provide the tools you need to fix errors, speed up your PC and make your slow computer run like new again.

SpeedyPC Pro will

  • Cleans window registry errors
  • Remove active malware and Cleans up clutter
  • Wipes away privacy files to protect your info
  • Improves PC startup times and Optimizes memory

Bottom Line:

It's undoubtedly the best PC Performance Software out there for any level of PC user ,  SpeedyPC Pro is thorough and will cover all of the performance needs of your system. The interface is sleek and navigation is simple.


Rank 2: Total System Care

Our Rating -

4 star 

Full Money Back Guarantee


Key Features of Total System Care:

  • Manual and Automatic Scanning and Repairs of your registry
  • Clear, Easy to Navigate Interface that is well laid out          
  • All Your System Information in one spot          
  • Good Customer Service Built In          
  • Smart Updates for the latest in registry cleaning          


This registry cleaner is simple in layout and design.Total System Care offers the tools you need for system maintenance, performance and optimization.

Designed to make your Windows system run more effectively by scanning for and repairing errors to the registry, Total System Care is Fully-featured PC performance utility that’s light on resources and easy to use. Optimizes all aspects of system function to ensure the fastest computer possible.

It is fairly straightforward and low tech, making it appealing to the average user

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Rank 3: PC Health Advisor

Our Rating -

4 star 


Full Money Back Guarantee


Features of Pc Health Advisor

  • Quick Download with a free initial scan included 
  • One-touch scanning for simple use 
  • Start Up Tuner for faster start ups and a cleaner toolbar 
  • Hands-free scheduling tool to keep your system speedy 
  • Restore function 
  • Reporting features to help you monitor the mending process 


PC Health Advisor is essentially an organization and clean up tool.  It will scan your Windows registry for errors, missing information and clutter. Then this program will go to work with the goal of providing a neat and tidy database for your computer, including features like faster start ups, a cleaner desktop and less chance of error messages and crashes.

It is a user-friendly computer utility software.  It doesn’t go quite far enough in some instances, but delivers good overall coverage and will have a positive effect on your PC. Well worth both the cost and effort

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Rank 4 : Pc Speed Maximizer

Our Rating -

4 star 

Pc Speed Maximizer

Full Money Back Guarantee


Key Features of PC Speed Maximizer:

  • Free Initial Scan 
  • Detailed Results of the scan 
  • Clean Up to Create a more organized system 
  • Thorough Reporting Log stating the actions that were taken by the application 
  • Customizable Options that allow you to choose which optimization tools are used 
  • Security Features 


Pc Speed Maximizer is a registry cleaner that also provides easy access to the systems management and security features on the side, PC Speed Maximizer will clear up disk space by removing and reorganizing junk files, protect your privacy by deleting stored information and increase start up speed by streamlining the process.

Somewhat technical in appearance, this application will allow you to take care of your system in one place and optimize or ‘maximize’ speed and performance, making your computer time more satisfying and productive.

It will do a thorough job and offers good security and clean up features for your entire system. But not as good as Pc Health Advisor.

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Rank 5: Regcure

Our Rating -

3 star 

Full Money Back Guarantee


Features of Key Features of RegCure:

  • Fast download 
  • Straightforward one click use 
  • Robust Settings for Automatic scans and updates, along with scheduling and manual options 
  • Backup System in case of error 
  • Start Up Management 
  • Thorough Reporting 


RegCure is simple and straightforward with an interactive menu that is easy to click through. All of the technical work is done speedily and there is a backup system in place to protect your data.

Regcure will clean the registry and helping you manage start up options.

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